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The academic journal issued by Ekaterinburg Theological Seminary publishes materials and research articles on theology, church history and related disciplines, extracts from the protocols of the seminary academic council meetings, reviews and comments on the diploma papers of the seminary students, reviews and bibliographical notes on new research in the area of theological studies.

Yale University is creating a new Yale Leadership Center in Beijing that will host conferences, workshops, and other events developed by all of the university’s schools and programs.

We look forward to having additional Yale scholars and students spend more time in China due to this center and to the gatherings and activities that will take place there.”The 16,500 square-foot center, located in the Chaoyang section of Beijing, is being designed to provide offices and meeting spaces for individual Yale faculty members who visit Beijing for their research or other scholarly pursuits, as well as facilities for conferences.

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The center is being funded through generous gifts from two Yale alumni: Neil Shen, managing partner of Sequoia Capital China, and Brad Huang, founder and chair of Lotus Capital Management; and by Yale friend Xiaoping (Bob) Xu, the founding partner of Zhen

The gift funds the rent and all operating costs of the center and allows for the hiring of a director and small staff who will be located in Beijing and who will work directly with all of Yale’s schools and programs to support their use of the center.

When the District religious school was open in 1836, there were 4 teachers there which had graduated from the Moscow Ecclesiastical Academy and from the Perm Theological seminary.

The school was located first at the College Councilor Vysotskiy’s house, but in 1843 the heirs of Fyodor Korobkov, the merchant, sold their house to the diocese; as soon as the repair was finished on the spot, the religious school started its work there, and it is there that it had been working till 1919.

The establishment of the seminary became a major step towards the organization of religious education in the Middle Urals.

The Seminary started as a seminary course at the Theological School in 1912, and it was only in 1916 that the Holy Synod approved the Seminary project, twice the Seminary graduated the students who had been taught there according to a reduced program; after the Red Army occupied Ekaterinburg on the 14th of July, 1919, the Seminary was closed.The supplement to the article contains a series of unknown documents concerning the opening of the Religious school.They include the Letter of Archbishop Arkadiy to S. Nechajev, the Chief Prosecutor of the Holy Synod, about the school being established; the report of the Perm theological seminary administration on the opening of the religious school; the message of the Perm Seminary administration concerning the purchase of the Korobkov’s house from his heirs.The Seminary’s goal was to form Weltanschauung positions of the future clergymen and, resp., the world outlook of their future flock, i.e., the Orthodox Christians which still stayed in a majority in Russia, even according to the census of 1937.In other words, the Seminary with its teaching staff had to carry out the great mission of shaping a proper religious environment in the Middle Urals.That is why it seems to be so important a task to analyze the specific features of the Seminary teaching staff and to reveal the mindset of its teachers.


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