Stop play store from updating

In October of last year, Cody found strings in his teardown of the Play Store 7.1 that hinted at a mysterious "Device Certification" label.Back then, he theorized that it could be an indicator of whether your device was indeed GMS certified and thus supposed to have the Play Store or it could be a Safety Net check to see if your firmware was modified in any form. Several users have reported the appearance of a "Device certification" menu in the Play Store's settings over the past couple of months, but the option was buggy and not so widespread.

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again, if said consumer ever checked the Play Store's settings and scrolled far enough to see it.

Maybe that'll be enough to deter a small percentage of users away from uncertified manufacturers and non Google partners who are releasing these devices, but it likely won't have such a big impact.

If you are using a CM, AOSP, AOKP, Omni, Slim or some other custom ROM on your phone or tablet and are having the “Unfortunately Google play store has stopped” issue, you should look for the latest Gapps (Google apps) flashable zip based on the Android version of your ROM.

We suggest installing a Gapps package recommended or provided by the ROM developer.

With the release of Play Store 7.4.12 (APK Mirror link), more users are spotting it although it doesn't show up for everyone just yet and it still seems buggy.

"Device certification" is the last item in the Settings of the Play Store.

If Google plans on cracking down on these OEMs, which I'm not sure is 100% in Google's best interest for now to be completely honest, more drastic steps will need to be taken to stop them from benefitting from GMS apps at all.

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Having downloaded the correct Google apps zip package, flash/install it using CWM/TWRP/Phil Z recovery, and reboot your device.

The Google Play Store error code #505 means the failure to install apps from the Play Store on your device.

Granted, the option is hidden in the last line of the Play Store settings, somewhere not many average users will dare venture or even mistakenly look, but it's there nonetheless.


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