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Many worked at the docks, rail yards, and factories nearby.Most spoke little English, but there were no Croatian churches, so few went to Mass.The church they founded three years later resulted largely from the efforts of two Franciscan priests, immigrants themselves.

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Michael's and Holy Cross parishes and formed into the new parish of St.

Raphael, which was incorporated May 4 of that year.

Mgr Mooney addressed those present, expressing his happiness, and people were jubilant. To pay the rent and other expenses, money was borrowed from individuals and council members, and Fr. In addition, he visited the sick, elderly, and lonely. Belavić took care of the pastoral needs of the parish and delivered the sacraments. Širca back from Rockland Lake to take charge of the parish, with Fr. Soon, Cardinal Terence Cooke granted the Croats permission to take the church over. Raphael's Church necessitated three years of renovations.

The Croatian church inherited all the archives, including those of St. A celebratory parade, and a Mass led by Cardinal Cooke, marked their completion in July 1977. Zeljko Barbaric, OFM; and the Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King are Sr.

A place for Catholics who don't find their Catholic identity in the standard definitions. I know it's a couple days late for this year, but I really seem to be losing track of time working night shift.

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Clare's, with the support of the pastor, an Italian Franciscan. Širca kept parish records of Croatians in both churches. a Croatian born in 1889, was a theology student in Zagreb, and was solicited by a Franciscan friar and missionary in America to travel there to serve his countrymen.

Simultaneously, he did the same for the Croatian community of Hoboken, New Jersey, in the Italian Church of St. In August 1912 he left to serve the Slovak parish of St. After his ordination later in the year, he and an older priest, Rev.

Raphael's Church at a special Sunday Mass for businessmen, in the middle of the banking Panic of 1907, urging them to reassure the public that the banks were solvent. At that time, owing to the decimation of the neighborhood by construction of the Lincoln Tunnel and the realignment of the West Side Line railroad tracks, St. On November 8, 1936, the fiftieth anniversary of the parish was marked with a Mass at St.

Raphael's status changed from independent parish to mission of Holy Innocents Church, administered by its pastor, Rev. Raphael's celebrated by Cardinal Patrick Joseph Hayes, who referred sadly to the "recent difficulties" of the parish.

and the ceremonial cornerstone was laid October 26, 1902, with Archbishop John Farley officiating.


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