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For instance, rather than rely on triggers to enforce referential integrity, you’re better off using relationships.This article covers main issues of converting triggers from Postgre SQL to SQL Server.The same can be done in SQL Server after records are inserted/updated in the database.

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Here are some key characteristics of AFTER triggers: Triggers use two special database objects, INSERTED and DELETED, to access rows affected by the database actions.

Within the scope of a trigger the INSERTED and DELETE objects have the same columns as the trigger’s table.

Triggers can be used to inspect all data before a DML action is performed.

You can use INSTEAD OF triggers to “intercept” the pending DML operation, apply any business rules, and ultimately complete the transaction.

The INSERTED table contains all the new values; whereas, the DELETED table contains old values.

Here is how the tables are used: A trigger is defined for a specific table and one or more events.You may think this is redundant, as many changes are logged in the databases journals, but the logs are meant for database recovery and aren’t easily accessible by user programs.The Transaction History table is easily referenced and can be incorporated into end user reports.Triggers can be defined to run DML (Data Manipulation Language) actions such as INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.Triggers help the database designer ensure certain actions, such as maintaining an audit file, are completed regardless of which program or user makes changes to the data.In most database management systems you can only define one trigger per table.


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