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"Write a list of qualities that you desire in a partner — get as indulgent and detailed as you wish," she says.

"Keep this list somewhere safe and rest in the comfort that you have clarity in what's most important to you.

"Just because they aren't 'The One' doesn't mean you can't appreciate the wonderful qualities they possess," Baglan says. "One reason your dating life may feel stuck in a rut is because it exists entirely online or only through a small social circle — whether it be because of your penchant for dating apps or because you tend to date within the same crowd of people.

The real world outside of your phone is full of spaces and opportunities to meet like-minded people, Baglan reminds.

We bought my engagement ring whilst we were in New York, from Fitzgerald Jewelery in Brooklyn, and also got our wedding bands there too.”Alex shone in a stylish Lusan Mandongus gown from the Les Trois Soeurs sample sale.

She topped off her gorgeous look with a rose-gold and pearl hair vine from Little Book for Brides member Britten Wedding Accessories.“I wanted a dress which was light and easy to wear.

One of our favourite things to do is travel, so our day was loosely based on this, and we somehow ended up with blues, peaches and gold as the colours.”“We met online in July 2008, got engaged in May 2015 and married a year later.

I proposed to Nick with tickets to the cricket, and his response was to say I’d saved him a job on our holiday to New York a couple of weeks later!I don't see a romantic connection, but wish you the best of luck," Baglan says.As this new season begins, enter it with an open mind and set intentions.Start small, water the things that are working, and watch them come to life!"Here are Baglan's recommendations for how you can spring clean your dating life: As you enter into a new, fresh chapter of your dating life, it's imperative that you set intentions.This will help you recognize it faster when you find it."In order to manifest positivity, you must radiate it, because we attract the energy that we give off.

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