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This Is a part of an improved construction designed to maintain the proper curvature of the sound board. Instruments having this construction bear the trademark "Tone-Arch." The patented sounding-board-and-frame construction, in the grand model is a simple but most effective device, consisting of a curved bracing member built into the frame.Brief descriptions of the prominent American piano manufacturers whose instruments are described in alphabetical order manufactured between December 1889 until January 1930. These exclusive features of the Carola Inner-Player mechanism which have contributed toward its phenomenal success in the past few years, have been the transposing device; pneumatic clutch unit motors; easy running roil mechanism introduction of fibre in contact with metal to eliminate rattles when playing by hand; counter shaft running direct motor drive without the sounds of chains when playing; a miniature keyboard on the pneumatic action for procuring an exceptional responsive touch; metallic construction of parts usual affected by atmospheric changes; Solo-Aid Device which plays the solo or melody louder than the accompaniment; four controlling levers: tempo indicators close music sheet facilitating the following of marks the on; cover for lever which also affords a comfort rest for the wrists; sectional bellows construction easily disconnected and removed to afford access to parts otherwise concealed; slide valves transfixed by steel to prevent warping; easy pedaling due to a patented leverage system; automatic Triplex Pedal Device, which the pedals automatically released from a returned to the case by the simplest possible movement. Impelled by a restless ambition to seek a larger field, he went to Boston in his early twenties.

While the merits of musical instruments manufactured nearly a century ago are now not necessarily affected by the commercial standing or historical record of their makers. To him must be ascribed the invention of the full iron plate for grand pianos recorded in 1837.

Consequently, prospective piano buyers usually desire to know something concerning these points. This invention was accepted by the scientific world as one of far reaching importance; indeed, it proved to be the foundation of all modern piano construction, for without it the sonorous grands of today would not have been impossible.

A piano-player mechanism is most responsive and musically adequate, and the tone quality just right for the best player results. This piano has received a great number of unsolicited testimonials, all attesting to remarkable value at moderate prices.

Cable-Nelson pianos embodied the characteristics of best standards in the art of player construction. Campbell piano was first produced in 1900, and it has well sustained the fame of the man whose name it bears.

The high financial and commercial standing of the company and the reputation and experiences of its officers add to the distinction of the excellent and reliable instrument. A well made a thoroughly reliable medium priced piano, named after the late J. The Carola Inner-Player pneumatic action represents the latest developments in interior ph. An especially desirable feat is the fact that all the various part which to make tip Carola Inner Player- pianos is mainly the shops and plant of The Cable Company thus providing for the most accurate adjustment and the building up of the instrument as a solo unit. Chase baby grand in fair condition is worth rebuilding at a considerable cost. Chickering & Sons celebrated in 1923 the completion of a century of continuous manufacture of the Chickering pianos.

The Cable-Nelson factory is one of the most attractively located in the trade, and the wonderful efficiency of its organization and equipment is the cause of general comment. CAMPBELL Manufactured by Kohler & Campbell, Inc., Fiftieth and Eleventh Ave., New York City. CAROLA INNER-PLAYER This name is used exclusively by The Cable Company to designate their pneumatic players' mechanism embodied in the Carola and Conover Carola Inner-Play Pianos.

A recent addition to the Cable line is the Midget Upright which presents some remarkable features. But it is not a makeshift not a toy, not a compromise.

Combined with it is a reproducing action exclusively Cable which has been developed to the highest stage of perfection through a long series of experiments carried on in the great Cable factories.

There was a wide and constant growing demand on the part of the average piano buyer for a thoroughly high-grade and player-piano of real musical excellence. had addressed itself from the very beginning of its career, both to supply it and to foster it.

Brambach Piano Ca Byrne, C K, Piano Ca Cable & Son. CABLE-NELSON "Cable-Nelson" was a name so well established that it was to become the first rank of the piano industry on the strength of the excellence of its product and the high standard of its business policy.

The "Wrist-Rest," a patented Cable device, enables the operator to maintain a natural, untiring position while playing.

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