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Each round will give new members a few minutes to meet each older active member (and potential Big) individually.Likewise, older members will get a chance to meet their potential Littles!

The company continued to revamp its image and position itself as a mobile-first dating service.

Five months ago, Neil Warren -- the company's 82-year-old founder -- stepped down as CEO.

Let’s kick-off Big/Little week with a little Speed Dating!

A questionnaire will be prepared, composed of a series of unique and maybe bizarre questions that would reveal your potential Big/Little’s likes and interests.

It is also adding a tool called "The Two of You Together," which highlights why it thinks two people are matches.

The feature ranks the top three compatibility points -- such as intellect or emotional energy -- for the potential couple.”) and who interrupted them — but only as a way to show understanding and engagement (“Exactly”).And for those who think it’s a good idea to ask a bazillion questions about where their partner grew up and the name of his or her childhood pet, think again: Asking questions usually signalled a lack of connection, probably because women felt that they had to act curious in order to keep a boring conversation going.Warren retired in 2007 but re-joined e Harmony in 2012 to help with its turnaround.Grant Langston, e Harmony's vice president of brand marketing, has since taken over CEO duties.After analyzing all the data, the scientists came to the conclusion that there are certain key factors that predict whether couples “clicked.” Perhaps surprisingly, men and women usually said they clicked when their conversations were mostly about the women.


  1. We created an online profile for each of the top dating websites and spent over 30 hours comparing each site’s matching capabilities, search features and messaging tools.

  2. The Eligible Greeks 5 Star Safety Program is designed to allow our members to use our site in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Every day, we help Greek singles find dates, create friendships and fall in love.

  3. The cemetery's chapel has a receiving vault in the basement, where coffins were stored temporarily before being moved to the permanent resting place.

  4. What separates an assclown from someone who is unavailable but not shady, is that they have lots of other dodgy or downright outrageous behaviour that they’re doing while managing down your expectations.

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