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"But we have had longtime respect for heavy metal bands like Slipknot who capture true angst." The brothers also released a video of themselves rehearsing a cover of Slipknot's "Wait and Bleed," and though their 'Knot album still has no title or release date, it will apparently also feature re-workings of "Skin Ticket," "The Heretic Anthem," and "People = Sh--." Next came the rather shocking announcement from avant-noise label BLR Records that they had partnered with none other than Insane Clown Posse to release Magnets, Bitches and Tape Loops, a collection of experimental recordings available only as an LP with "a full-color custom-made book-bound sleeve and 29-page booklet of lyrics, photos from the infamous studio sessions and di-- jokes," and in an ultra-limited ebony box, complete with ivory inlay ("no elephant was spared for this release"), a bonus remix album (Magnets, Seriously, How Do They Work?

) and a collection of sundry that includes "a coupon for a free bottle of Faygo, a miniature hatchet ...

Slipknot's Corey Taylor will guest on Korn's upcoming 12th album, Metal Hammer can reveal.

Korn guitarist James 'Munky' Shaffer says Taylor "really lets loose" on the song he guests on and adds that the follow-up to 2013's hits "nine out of 10" on the "heaviness scale." Munky says: “We have Corey singing on one track and it’s going to be a fan favourite because he really lets loose.

She joked that she was more excited to see them than US Vice President Joe Biden, who was also a guest. Margot talked about her "heavy metal phase." She dyed her hair black, cut her hair with razors and "only listened to the heaviest of the heavy metal." When pressed to name some bands, she called out Silverstein and Bullet for My Valentine.

She also mentioned Slipknot, and said that Slipknot was the best concert she ever went to, and mentioned that even if you didn't like metal, you would appreciate their show.

In the gripping film, we watch the time-honored tradition that takes "home grown Swiss Spaghette" from the vine (or tree) to the table, and as you probably remember, the 1957 harvest was especially bountiful, given — as the documentary explains — "the virtual disappearance of the Spaghette Weevil." And after watching it, not only are we hungry, but we're puzzled too.

During her interview, Margot couldn't contain her excitement for seeing Metallica live.

So, needless to say, this year, we were ready for anything.


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