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I downloaded the app and within minutes I felt my belief in God, being Chinese and eating chicken rice have as much significance as last month’s Facebook advertisements. All I wanted to do was run after a serenity-challenged rodent call Pikachu whose name at first made me think this was some ancient Peruvian pyramid climbing game. If we’re not careful, Pokemon will make corporate executives run out of boardrooms chasing tiny blue-winged monsters instead of working hard so that our country’s business reputation, our currency and our corporate high-teas can remain enviably top class.

He also called on Anwar to stop crying conspiracy to win the battle of perception.

“If the government is conspiring to finish Anwar off, they do not have to resort to dirty tactics,” he said.

There was no indication of him tweeting in between that period.

Rafizi in his statement said the nine tweets proved that Anwar was at home at the time of the recording.

May we never risk our unique form of eminence simply because debauched and deformed freaks are flashing their middle-fingers on our smartphones.

In the wake of the much sensationalised and now highly controversial sex-video-scandal allegedly involving Opposition Leader Anwar “Mat King Leather” Ibrahim, China Press journalist discovered that the former abuse-of-power-convict were not not tweeting within the period of the said sex act caught on tape. Rafizi Salim is claiming otherwise, where Anwar tweeted nine times between 10.40pm and 10.08pm, without corresponding two minute delay recorded in his Facebook.

“There is no evidence in Anwar’s Twitter account that he had sent out any tweet during the period when the recording was made,” claimed Jenapala, who is now Indian Justice Party pro-tem committee chairman.

He said the Opposition Leader should stop giving lame excuses as he “could not fool all the people all the time”.

I want to avoid Spain in World Cup draw, says Messi Indian teenager kills schoolmate to postpone exams The Edit: Transgender women could soon get pregnant RON95 up seven sen, diesel by three sen at midnight AUGUST 8 — I welcome the decision by the Islamic Legal Consultative Committee in the Federal Territories to issue a ban on Pokemon Go.

Too bad it only applies to Muslims because — hand on heart — I believe all Malaysians should stay away from the app.

They’ll be hoarding Pokemon candies and stardust, then insulting other races.

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