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He has been burning clients' hair with candles for the past six years six years, after he stumbled upon the unusual style of cutting when the electricity one day went off in his salon and he thought of using candle flames to cut hair.Male fertility levels have declined by 50 per cent over the past 50 years.

Meanwhile, a femme fatale nicknamed Death Nell is putting men into a coma. In a world where good ol' fantasy movie making has just three letters attached to it (you guessed it: "SFX" - a la everything from majestic Lord of the Rings to cheesy Godzilla - jeez, even the romantic ventures like City of Angels couldn't do away with the bag of tricks), comes a different kind of fantasy-based movie. And, needless to say, a premise that is the part of every hot blooded human male's wet dreams. I promise, I'm not talking about the the 70s campy soft porn movie that you saw recently.

What would happen if a strapping young man (Simon Baker) got a magical e-mail one fine day listing all the women he had slept with and was going to ever sleep with in future? Someone once said: "Control your fate or somebody else will".

And, what if that lucky SOB actually had 101 names listed on that list? And so goes the story of the young man who allows the piece of printed email to take control over his actions - which in this case means...

well, he notches another one over his already very full belt.

Jacqueline Marling (left) and Colin Batley (right) systemically sexually abused the girl throughout her childhood.

The sick neighbours were jailed in 2011 for their roles in a satanic sex cult in Wales A 2011 trial at Swansea Crown Court heard how Batley, who was married at the time and lived on the same street in a different house, wore hooded robes and chanted before having group sex with the women and children.Arrests: Anissa Weir, left, and Morgan Geyser, right, allegedly stabbed the girl after inviting her over for a sleepover.They had wanted to impress a fictional horror character, Slender Man, with the killing'Obsessed': Slender Man, left, is a popular online character who abducts children.The couple's twisted ideology was based on the Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley, and made children believe they were proving themselves to god by having sex with other members, all the while egged on by Batley, now 48.Jacqueline Marling (left) and Batley's bisexual wife Elaine (right) were both found guilty of sexual offences.They suggest destroying the list, but Rod finds that easier said than done. A cast almost riddled with relatively unknown (but promising) actors.


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  3. Cate Hennessy, Katey's character, was a far better mother (not hard) than Peg Bundy, and much more involved in her children's lives.

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