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The result means Harry Potter is now Salazar Slytherin and the most misunderstood Founder is the Boy-Who-Lived.

Due to a few plot similarities to her story titled 'The Biggest Toad in the Puddle', permission was obtained from Tsume Yuki to avoid any accusations of theft/plagiarism. Chapters written) Total word count is now up to around @ 147, 000 words. All of my other current projects are either one-shots I'm trying to finish/polish up for immediate posting or are stories that I'm writing purely for myself in order to mess with ideas I have floating around in my head in order to improve them or just work them out completely and have no intention of ever posting them for public consumption.

The Sage's Son (M)- A HP/Naruto Crossover Challenge Fic prompted by alixanderbolster w/ a few helpful suggestions offered by Challenge King; will be a stand alone epic.

Its inhabitants were left slaughtered or scattered.

However, what if the members of Uzushio's famed Uzumaki weren't as scattered as people thought? A certain Miss Granger takes steps to ensure she can contact her best friend during the summer holidays.

I also worked on a couple of other stories but don't yet have anything ready for posting. In other news, haruka24 is in the process of translating Hunter x in the x Making into French (with my permission) and the link to that translation can be found here; Hunter X in the X Making traduction. The Simurgh's psychic scream drove entire cities mad. All those gestures, all those dances between Sun and Sky, it blinded him.

You can expect another progress update next weekend with hopefully another chapter to post but I make no promises. I've answered 1/3 of my PMs and will try and get back to answering more soon. I've just been preoccupied with a dozen other things. Hunter x in the x Making (T) - Crossover HP/Hunterx Hunter & a stand alone epic. When all else fails and you don't know which way to turn, ask the Magic Eight Ball; there's always a fifty/fifty chance that it'll answer your question correctly or send you in the right direction. For the six months it lasts, Renato thinks, those six months are the happiest six months of his life.

Sirius teaches Harry what he needs to know, helping him become the true Lord Potter. He was the type of boy who kicked stray dogs when they came begging for scraps from him and his mother.

Then the Tri-Wiz comes and the deepest, darkest secret of the Marauders is revealed - Harry was born the daughter of Lily and Sirius. Harryx Tonks Keith Brackwood was disillusioned with the wizarding world. Poison Mistress, occasional kunoichi Lady, and the aunt of Orochimaru. Who bared his teeth at the other homeless kids when they looked at him.

Wizard on the Courts (T) - Crossover HP/Prince of Tennis & a stand alone epic. posted.) Chap 18 is currently @ 0 words & Chap 19 is @ 3,000 words. - Info updated on 07-13-17 (These are the stories that I work on when I get stuck on the WIPs that are currently posted on my account. ) - A HP/SAO Crossover Series inspired by my other story, Magic Online as well as being something of an AU of that story and an attempt for me to work out the writer's block I have on the next chapter of Magic Online. Chapters written) Total word count is roughly @ 302,900 words. Bug Boy (M) - Crossover HP/Naruto & a stand alone epic. posted.) Chap 35 nearly complete; re-editing Bug Boy: Temari Edition (M) - Original deviation of Bug Boy. posted.) Recently Edited Chaos on Demand (M) - Sequel to Chaos by Request.

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