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He and his sister showed us over the property, including a tour of the first cottage built on the farm in the 1850’s.

Dick Manning was also unable to attend because of illness (no ladders) and he asked me to tell members about an “F” night he is planning for 14th July 2017 (Bastille Day).

He will have a sausage sizzle and a few surprises on the “F” frame he will set up.

We have been invited to David Week’s home to view his MGA as well as his father’s collection of motor vehicles.

In addition, he has an historic (1850’s) cottage on the property which has been set up as a museum of the era.

We chose an area of the Adelaide Hills noted for its apple orchards (buy fruit and apple pies at the roadside) and vineyards which make crisp dry whites and excellent sparkling wines.

David Wicks, a member with an MGA invited us to his property (formerly a nursery for fruit trees) at Balhannah.Out of action for 6 to 8 weeks at least, but lucky to still be with us.Message for the rest of us, ladders are not a good idea for our general age group.This was displayed in the back annex because Gary and Velli have recently had a new hood fitted.Although black is the original colour for the model, they went with the tan stay fast canvas.Because a couple of MGA 50th Anniversary badges were not picked up, I have four spares if anyone is interested - (incl GST).


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  3. The former security guard, from Gladstone Avenue, Loughborough, says he will continue to fight against paying the debt, which Vodafone have reduced to £29,083, claiming it has ruined his life and forced him to begin taking a variety of anti-anxiety medications.

  4. Both Mirion and Canberra have been sources of innovation and advancement throughout their 50 year histories serving a wide variety of customers in the radiation safety and measurement marketplace.

  5. Chris Biow, a former executive and shareholder at Mark Logic Inc.

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