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(“I would literally rather have my period nonstop for a thousand years than have this portion of the conversation,” is one of her gentler comebacks.)In the hands of a less charismatic actress, Jessica could easily be intolerable.

But Williams, the 27-year-old former , is so charming that she elevates a perfectly predictable rom-com into a blast. Strouse, who devised the project explicitly for Williams after working with her on 2015’s , the movie is gentle and surprisingly sweet, relying on its star’s undeniable magnetism and rhetorical ingenuity.

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, which debuted Friday on Netflix, has a title that feels better suited to a Marvel drama than a romantic comedy.

The movie’s energy goes up and down, and there are times when it feels like scenes could have used an extra take or two.

But Williams is a gifted enough actress to poke holes in Jessica’s swagger so her insecurities peek through.

I was pretty chilled about the situation, it didn’t work. When I saw her I was like ‘I recognise her from somewhere, and then it clicked'." Despite sharing the news with her co-stars, Love Island star Montana later admitted that she wasn't sure whether she should confront Jess about their link.

Speaking to the cameras in the beach hut, she said: "I’m not sure if now’s the best time for me to speak to her about it.

Her debut album I Cry When I Laugh debuted at No.1 on the UK albums chart that same year.

Jessica and Sam met one another through their mutual friend Brady, who is secretly possessed by a demon sent by Azazel and plotting to manipulate Jessica and Sam into a romantic relationship as part of the demons's plan to manipulate Sam to go back into hunting.

She refers to herself as a “unicorn,” insists to a roomful of women at a baby shower that they have to subvert the patriarchal paradigm, and tells Boone that she’s “frigging dope.” But she’s also creatively frustrated, teaching theater writing to a group of admittedly adorable kids in Hell’s Kitchen and squealing over a rejection simply because the correspondent bothered to read one of her plays.


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