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Girls were more likely to have been bullied online at some point in their lifetime (though when looking at recent experiences there was no difference), while boys were more likely to have bullied others online.

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We just completed our most ambitious study: a survey of a nationally-representative sample of 4,500 12-17 year-olds.

As far as we know this is the largest national survey of students on these issues.

Here at the Cyberbullying Research Center, we use data to better understand what teens are thinking, doing, and experiencing at school and online.

We promote evidence-based and research-inspired policies, procedures, and programming.

Cyberbullying With respect to online bullying, we instructed students that “” Based on this definition, 34% of students had experienced cyberbullying in their lifetime (17% within the last 30 days).

Four out of five of the students who were cyberbullied said mean comments were posted about them online, while 70% said someone spread rumors about them online.

We fielded the survey in August, and while it will be some time before the results are published in books or peer-reviewed journals, we wanted to release some preliminary data here today.

School Bullying In our study we informed students that ” Based on this definition, 73% of students reported that they had been bullied at school some point in their lifetime (44% said it happened in the last 30 days).

Among those who were bullied recently, 88% said they were called mean names or were made fun of in a hurtful way while 77% said they were excluded from groups or left out of things.

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