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He always loved it 🙂 If he was having a bad day they would cheer him up.Of course, now we are in a world where you can share photos instantly via text, messengers like Facebook Messenger, and photo sharing apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

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If at first you feel shy, just moan or sigh while he narrates a naughty story.

As the encounter escalates, you may be very surprised at the frisky phrases that pop out of your mouth.

Close your eyes and concentrate on every wanton word.

As you touch yourself, fantasize that you're feeling his tantalizing fingers caressing your skin.

Another website that lets you send either real or virtual flowers is Want to send real flowers? Click here to see pictures of the flowers Frank got me from Think you have run out of everything you could say to each other? When it’s one of those days where you guys just can’t think of anything to talk about, try asking questions.

Here’s a list of 100 questions to ask your love: 100 Questions to Ask Your Partner. For even more questions check out 1,000 Questions For Couples.

You choose the story level: sexy, x-rated, or off the wall.

I did this for Frank, and cried laughing reading the story the website generated.

I keep this idea here as a reminder for couples to share photos with each other – fun selfies and moments from your day that you want to share with just him/her that you don’t post to everyone on your public newsfeeds.

Here are some other picture related ideas: You can also shake things up and send photos and photo gifts via snail mail: Shutterfly in addition to prints, Shutterfly lets you create photobooks, cards, and countless other products with your photos.

I think Frank just stared at his computer with his eyebrows bunched up.

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