Sexy 3d chats

A mix of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, Castaway Paradise is stunning on every level.It gives you more than just the basics, creating an island that you will love and want to continue exploring….

Under the guidance of Professor Roel Vertegaal, director of the university's Human Media Lab, the team uses some pretty common components to create a pretty uncommon communications device.

A series of Microsoft Kinect sensors and 3D camera equipment team up to capture the three-dimensional image of each conversant.

On the other end of the computer communications set-up, a 3D projector casts the image within an acrylic cylinder equipped with a convex mirror.

What results is two people talking to life-like projected images of each other. Besides just the sheer awesome factor, Telehuman gives users the ability to convey body language that would be lost on a flat display, bringing the experience closer to face-to-face communications in the real world.

Sometimes parent, sometimes child, teacher or student it depends on situation.

With or without rules and game play, different worlds are going to atract different visitors, by the nature of the world you can be pretty sure whom you are going to met there.

Well, chat is chat but what makes difference is the place it happens at and, in the case of 3D chat, it is a Virtual World, an distributed, interactive 3D environment.

Without any doubt, most important for an interesting conversation is the person you are talking with and considering that how much Virtual Reality has to offer, you may ask. To the large extent any talk is driven by the environment, you wouldn't go to the church or to the monastery for a fun, unless it is a virtual - miraculous monastery, as it is Brightside, for example.

Remember when you watched the Jetsons and their awesome video phones, and couldn't wait for the real, live version? Instead of getting to hide behind the blissfully blind telephone, now you, your bed head, your shirt stain, the broccoli in your teeth from last night's dinner (maybe?


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  7. You can search by location, gender, age range and if their currently online or not.

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