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Callie tells him that Jack wasn’t gay, so God isn’t trying to punish him.But Jude doesn’t believe his sister, because she lies about a lot of things.

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We will apply all available sanctions against any personnel found responsible." Part of the difficulty faced by the UN is that the girls involved refuse to give evidence against the soldiers.

Extreme sexual violence has been an integral part of the war throughout eastern DR Congo and the girls are terrified of all military, foreign and local officials, making any formal investigation extremely difficult.

"Every night the [Congolese militia] soldiers would come to our hut and make my sisters and I do it with them. I was really scared." Scared indeed, scared enough to leave the village where she had been born and begin the long walk through the jungle to the IDP camp, knowing she was pregnant by one of the fighters who raped her. "My father cannot help me any more - he is ashamed of me because I had this baby when I am not married." Faela expected to be safe in the IDP camp, instead she discovered that the shame her father felt had followed her, and in the camp she was shunned and refused food.

Common problem Faced with starvation and worried for her son, Faela, along with other girls in a similar predicament, turned to the Uruguayan and Moroccan Monuc soldiers stationed directly across from the camp.

Once a thriving trade town, these days Bunia increasingly resembles a frontier town from the Wild West.

Its businesses are boarded up, and buildings are half derelict.

The streets are heavily patrolled and everyone scurries home at the first sign of dusk.

Gunfire can be heard nightly, usually between Monuc soldiers and local militia groups.

During a five-day stay in the camp over 30 girls were interviewed, half of whom admitted to crossing the boundary into the UN.


  1. Others, however, were just starting to be upset about new ones.

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