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The veteran was surprised by an interesting observation on the sex life of rats.

Yes, as per a survey by a wildlife channel, rats had sex 20 times a day.

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Pappu as usual is curious and having seen advertisements of sanitary napkins on TV, he thinks it is just a usual napkin that is used by people.

So when he accidentally finds a sanitary napkin in his mother’s cupboard, he happily uses it to deal with his running nose.

it either blows up the entire situation or makes them completely disgusted with it.

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I crave those big carrots and will do anything to get one.

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Or do they make him sit and make him understand why women get their periods and why they need to use a sanitary napkin.

Do you think kids as young as 7, especially boys, be told what periods are? Pappu’s pap breaks a whole lot of your myths by explaining the most complicated of concepts in the simplest of ways.

He told, “That comment was just for fun.

Rajesh and I are good friends and we like to pull each other’s leg.

This surprised and baffled Rajesh who expressed his astonishment on Facebook.

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