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For several years now, prostitutes has been active on social networks such as Yahoo 360 [which is very popular in Iran] and on Facebook.

In this way, the prostitutes get the phone numbers of potential clients, who pay before even receiving a service.

Under the Shah’s rule, prostitutes – who were already breaking the law then – worked mainly in the capital’s red-light district, known as Shahr-e-no or New Town.

In 1979, revolutionaries launched a crackdown on brothels and tore them down.

Now risking the death penalty, Iranian prostitutes began to work more discretely on the street.

Over time, they developed new ways to solicit clients.

The transaction is done via mobile phone credits: the client sends call credits to the prostitute’s SIM card.

The prostitute then sells the SIM card at the bazaar and collects the cash.

Some people have gone back to soliciting via word of mouth, though Facebook is still widely used.

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