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Frye, who was jailed after not contesting her own criminal charge, still has nightmares.She rarely unlocks the gate to her home by a dusty highway where she lives with her three chihuahuas.

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Lavis admitted, during a deposition, only to the assault that was caught in the sting operation on 8 October of that year.

He was charged and pleaded no contest to three counts of assault by a public officer, including one related to Frye.

He and deputy Christopher Escobedo entered Doe’s apartment in Tehachapi, a small city in the county’s south-west, and conducted a spot check on her boyfriend who was out on probation. Ten minutes later Deputy Lopez arrived back at the apartment. He told Doe he needed to perform a cavity search on her to check once more for drugs. They brought with them $5,000 in cash, taken from a safe kept in a locked human resources office at the sheriff’s headquarters.

They then moved to her bedroom and found the 21-year-old woman stirring from sleep. Lopez patted her down and then, according to a civil lawsuit, proceeded to move his hands down her shorts, grab her crotch and grope her. He took her back to the bedroom and instructed her to take off all her clothes. An internal sheriff’s office memo, obtained by the Guardian, shows the two men started with an offer of $1,000 in exchange for waiving the department’s liability.

Despite being prescribed a course of powerful painkillers, she was left in excruciating pain.

It was at this time, at her most vulnerable, she said that deputy Lavis preyed on her: he watched her shower, he bullied and humiliated her, and he sexually assaulted her multiple times.

They promised Karen Frye she would not be sexually assaulted again.

The wire she was wearing and the secret video camera planted inside a hollowed-out Bible in her jail cell would be enough to catch her abuser before he could touch her, the officers said. Frye, a longtime drug user awaiting trial in Kern County’s notorious Lerdo jail, alleged she had been repeatedly abused by deputy Anthony Lavis, her jailer.

Among other claims, the former officer accuses colleagues of calling her a whore, telling her that she was expected to have sex with them, and bullying her about her physical appearance.

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