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Referring to Mr Hughes, he said: ‘I was shocked to see this 6ft 3in guy towering above me looking very aggressive and in that moment in an act of self-defence I thought I need to hit this guy back.

After I punched him I backed off.’He denied that he had struck Mr Hughes a second blow and stood over him laughing.

The incident also comes 10 months after he was seen “stumbling around” at a wedding reception following England’s 2018 World Cup qualifier victory over Scotland, in which the then-captain was said to be in a state where he could “hardly speak” after crashing the party with other members of the squad.

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Caught: Bill Worthington set a trap for the squirrel after it kept stealing food from the bird table in his garden.

RSPCA officers turned up at his house in Bredbury, Cheshire, after being tipped off by a neighbour Claire Aldridge, prosecuting, told Stockport Magistrates’ Court that the RSPCA was alerted on September 27 last year by a neighbour who had spotted the injured squirrel in the garden of Worthington’s home, in Bredbury.

His arrest comes 13 years to the day that he joined United, where he went on to become the club’s record goalscorer and captain before departing earlier in the summer.

The Croxteth-born striker recently announced that he and wife, Colleen, are expecting their fourth child to join their three sons Klay, Kai and Kit.

‘In my naivete I thought shouting would suffice.’Mr Hughes, a consultant who previously ran a watch and gift importation business, tried to cajole the youngsters to leave but was punched in the face by guest Lawrence Adams, then 18, it is claimed.

The businessman, who is vice-chairman of the parish council, said: ‘I was in shock that an 18-year-old boy could have the temerity to punch the father of the girl whose birthday it was.The vet says the squirrel was “alive but not responsive”. Wayne Rooney has been charged with drink-driving after being pulled over in the early hours of Friday morning, Cheshire Police has said.He claimed it prompted an altercation between his friend and Cameron Hughes.‘Cameron and his mates had a kind of superior attitude because they were older and thought they could push us around,’ Adams, who admitted he had drunk around seven glasses of prosecco, claimed.He said Cameron and his friends continued to taunt Mr Goulding during the evening.Peter Whitty, prosecuting, said the first blow may not have been intended for Mr Hughes but claimed that, during the melee, Adams also twice struck Mr Hughes’s son Cameron, 23, and his friend, John Scott, breaking his glasses.


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