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earlier published a disturbing report about the Duggar family home life in 2002 and the allegedly abusive environment parents Jim Bob and Michelle provided for their children.

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In 2014, Gothard was removed as president of the organization by the board of directors, after 34 women accused him of sexual harassment and molestation.

The organization continues without him but it still uses his belief system, methodology, and homeschool curriculum.

By their own admission under police interrogation in 2006, Jim Bob (James Robert) and Michelle did not arrange professional counseling for Josh Duggar’s victims or treatment for their son in March 2002.

Today’s headlines about the Duggar family might have been different had the parents addressed Josh’s behavior when he was 14 years old.She and daughters Jana and Jinger appeared in Indianapolis at a four-day, mother/daughter conference about the relationships between parents and their children.None of them spoke about the events in the Duggar family household in 2002.The actions of the parents are under increased scrutiny since it was revealed on Wednesday that their married son Josh was an active member of an adultery dating site.On the Duggar family blog, a statement by Josh was released on Thursday admitting his infidelity and his addiction to pornography.An engagement was arranged between Josh Duggar and Kaeleigh Holt, the daughter of Jim Bob’s long-time friend and fellow Arkansas Republican House of Representatives member Jim Holt.

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