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Participants will receive guidelines for positive, proactive discipline, including alternatives to spanking, slapping and hitting. top This workshop defines neglect, explains the effects of failing to meet children’s needs, and gives reasons neglect occurs.

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What: Free, age-appropriate workshops about preventing child abuse and neglect , bullying and gun safety for children ages 3-18 and adults.

See below for a complete listing of workshop topics. How: Call SCAN at (260) 421-5000 or (800) 752-7116 to schedule a workshop.

Participants will learn the legal definitions of sexual abuse, local statistics on the prevalence of sexual abuse, signs/symptoms of a sexually abused child, characteristics of both adult and child perpetrators, and guidance on how to report suspected abuse. top This presentation teaches younger children how to recognize an angry person, find a safe place and tell a trusted adult if they are being harmed.

The presentation also discusses proper ways for children to deal with their own anger.

There are also classes specific for infant and adolescent needs.

Please call or e-mail SCAN for further information. top Being home alone can be a frightening experience.No Cost Our workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of your audience, being respectful of individual situations, while sharing this life-saving information.All programs are taught at your site, with little or no support needed.It stresses that both males and females can be victims.The rights and safety skills for the victim are discussed. top This presentation helps make young people aware of the definition of date rape, indicators of dating dangers, and what to do if you or Be Some One you know has experienced this crime.This presentation confronts this sensitive issue by exploring how sexual abuse occurs and how to protect children from it.

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