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Hansen was “very upset” over this incident and he left to speak with a supervisor. Robinson said, “[The station manager]'s gonna be gone, and they're gonna promote me because I'm doing exactly what I do, and that is provide—or get along with them.

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Hansen also reported to the station manager that Mr. Katoa were touching him in ways that he found unwelcome and had engaged him in unwelcome “sex talk.” A552.) Apparently, this arrangement upset Mr.

Hansen “into the corner of the supervisor's office,” and demanded to know, “Why won't you stay with us in the hotel room in Denver?

Hansen several times and that, on one particular occasion, Mr.

Robinson were scheduled to travel to Denver to attend training. Katoa was responsible for arranging accommodations; he booked one room for the three men to share. Hansen told the Jackson station manager he was uncomfortable sharing a room with Mr.

Hansen spent his first four years with Sky West as a customer-service agent at the Salt Lake City International Airport before transferring to the Jackson Hole Airport in Wyoming in December 2007. Hansen testified in a deposition that in 2004 a supervisor, Brian Johansen, who is also gay, “pushed himself against” Mr. Hansen presented with symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Hansen's “condition could be triggered by employment issues such as discrimination, conflict, and a sense that he is being taken advantage of.” A400. Hansen delivered this letter to Sky West's human-resources department, and both Mr.

Although there is not much factual detail for this four-year span, there is at least one specific incident of sexual harassment in the record: Mr.

Before BRISCOE, Mc KAY, and MATHESON, Circuit Judges. Gosman of Gosman Law Office, Casper, Wyoming, for Plaintiff-Appellant.

Glasgow with him on the briefs), of Gordon & Rees, Atlanta, Georgia, for Defendant-Appellee.

Why did you request a special accommodations not to stay in the hotel room with us?

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