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A pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another intimate partner.

Domestic violence can be physical, sexual, emotional, economic, or psychological actions or threats of actions that influence another person.

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I used to work there and my friend told me to look this place up but now I'm kinda scared lol Yeah I get what your saying.

The manager is cruising dixie highway to find dirty street whores because no other woman would ever walk in the place.

I was told by a buddy who went there, said they all overweight and older, and dirty smelly looking. Skank rank pond scum,, Came to fantasy's with a few friends the other night and stayed with . This girl had bruises everywhere, recently closed scab marks and was falling asleep...

on my $320, which is what they charge for full session,, sex and blowjob.

Right now they have a 50 year old black lady in there all the time going by Cali. They are very dirty and have overflowing bags with dirty wipes and condoms behind a big piece of wood in the smelly laundry room where they take clients in through the back door. After reading this I strongly suggest too the cops they raid this diseased dirty aids infested hell hole the germs and filth, and can turn your stomach and kill ya, wheres the board of health?

300 bucks for some crab lice infected ugly junkie!!!???The girl admitted to me when I asked if she was high, thinking I was trying to score drugs, that THE OWNER/PIMP supplies her and he's holding blue and white if I needed something. 300 bucks for some crab lice infected ugly junkie!!!???that's a joke, stay away from west palm beach strippers and hookers, Steve, they will infect you with AIDS or steal you blind, or their pimps will Rob and shoot you, who Skaggs are the very worst, the strippers and the hookers are all alike here, sick junkie infected ugly pieces of garbage, but I guess you now that now from this shithole, take care bro. A full session with sex is over 300 for 30 minutes.Let's just say this THE CAMERA'S ARE ROLLING GUYS AND YOUR ON CANDID CAMERA.I think you get my drift, no dude is gonna l piss good money away on diseased ugly dancing whores, and lose their jobs, families, friends, and health or life, now it's on tape! I hear from my cop friends, it's going to raided and shutdown.The place know as fantasy's in West Palm Beach located at 2157 zip code place is ran by A ''PIMP'' this place is known for hiring under age girls also drug infested and ripping off clients and is know also for prostitution.

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