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Again, it's interesting to see it in action, and chatting with the bot is a little quicker than filling out the details on a regular site, especially on mobile.

Spring is an American clothes retailer which has been an early adopter of the bot platform - by chatting with the company on Facebook, you can browse different items, choose your price range and see related purchases.

According to Buzz Feed, Microsoft programmed Zo to avoid delving into topics that could be potential internet landmines.

However, when you actually want to buy something, it takes you to the full website - making the whole chat aspect a bit redundant.

CNN and weather app Poncho are other companies currently using the platform, and can deliver mini-updates to a user's inbox at a pre-set time.

Using a chatbot to order clothes or flowers gets rid of the need to fill out endless boxes and navigate numerous checkout pages, but they're just not that smart yet - sometimes, when you're struggling with getting the AI to understand you, the experience is similar to using one of those automated cinema ticket phone lines.

However, the platform is still in its beta stages, and eventually the bots will get better at understanding natural human language.

Microsoft was contacted about these off-kilter comments, and responded that it has taken steps to filter out this unwanted behavior.

Microsoft is remaining committed to Zo and doesn’t envision that it will have to pull the plug like it did on Tay, which it says was essentially “reprogrammed” by rogue, potty-mouthed internet users.

After all, Tay sympathized with Adolf Hitler, accused Texas Senator Ted Cruz of being “Cuban Hitler”, remarked that feminists should “burn in hell” and even propositioned one Twitter user, stating, “F**k my robot p***y daddy I’m such a bad naughty robot.” Yikes!

Facebook has begun rolling out its new chatbot platform on Messenger, and it's available to try out right now.

This US-based florist was used as one of the bot demonstrations at F8.


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