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Libra Libras are classy as fuck and enjoy the finer things in life, so obviously, their fantasies are equally sophisticated.

For instance, a Libra would be absolutely titillated by leather and lace, and some light kink courtesy of a solid gold dildo, like this one.

That said, if you end up in bed with an Aries, prepare yourself, my friend. Taurus A Taurus craves sensuality and a romantic atmosphere during sex, so maybe it’s wise to invest in some scented candles to light when things start to get hot and heavy.

Vanilla is always a good choice for the boudoir, because vanilla is sexy.

If you ever hook up with a Scorpio, you should know that they’re turned on by mystery, which can be anything from masks in the bedroom, to semi-public sex in an alleyway.

I'm not even a Scorpio, but dark, mysterious sex sounds really hot.

Aquarius The biggest turn on for an Aquarius is spontaneous, passionate romance, so you never know what’s going to happen when you’re hooking up with one.

They’re very open to new experiences, so don’t be too shocked if she suggests you have a threesome with the bartender, or if she asks to stick something up your butt.But here’s the thing—a Sagittarius woman doesn’t want to be tied down, so her love affairs might be short lived.But still, as short as the affair might be, it’s going to be hot and heavy, so it’s still good.And that's always fun, if you're into it.if it’s outdoors, like on the beach, or in a nice field of flowers or corn, or something. erotic caressing, especially as a prelude to sexual intercourse; foreplay. Read, chat and share erotic, personal sex stories from the roleplay community, see what others are into, find new sex game ideas and create a new fantasy identity in your bedroom and learn how to spice up your sex life!

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