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Like bullies everywhere, they tend to prey on the more vulnerable chatters.

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Funkzter662(): I dunn oabout that one Funkzter662(): Are you still there? We looked around after writing this article to see if there was anyone else doing anything like this, and it turns out there?

One of your friends is reading the whole conversation and laughing it up right now! Have the bot talk to all your friends by visiting Chatroom rage?

Funkzter662(): socks :-) pmtorrone(): where are you?

Funkzter662(): i dont remember anyomre lol pmtorrone(): what are you wearing? s an entire group of people tricking others (using humans) to show themselves on webcams and then posting their photos. s the how-to on that as well, careful out there kids?

Some guy you almost bought a shovel from on Craigslist?

checking your buddy list to see if your crush signed in.

We did send it after some of our friends, some of which are not too happy with us right now, sorry about that? But in all fairness, we sent the bot after our own account in order to post it here; here? Funkzter662(): hey there pmtorrone(): hi Funkzter662(): how r you? pmtorrone(): writing about bots Funkzter662(): whats your name again? Funkzter662(): ripe old age of 17 ;-) pmtorrone(): do you have a webcam?

m stacey pmtorrone(): hi Funkzter662(): what are you doin? Funkzter662(): in my room pmtorrone(): how old are you? Funkzter662(): :-p pmtorrone(): bye Funkzter662(): aww?

AOL was advised repeatedly, and finally he was expelled from the room. Three users have been dubbed the "mean old ladies." I don't know if they're ladies or old, but they're certainly mean.

After one verbally attacks a chatter outside of the vitriolic trio, the other two come in for the kill.

Buddy lists You would spend hours perfecting your buddy lists! Having to look up what are now common Internet abbreviations.

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