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Before she became a novelist, she was the brilliant editor of the Westminster Review, an important literary journal, but anonymously, because at that time a woman couldn’t be an editor of a magazine.The public and the investors wouldn’t stand for it. She was also a passionate and sexual person, and she fell in love with several men who spurned her, perhaps because she was homely.

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It tells the story of the late-life marriage of the nineteenth-century novelist George Eliot, or Marian Evans, her real name, to a handsome young man twenty years her junior—and its near-tragic consequences.

Very little is known about this marriage because Eliot and her husband, John Cross, attempted to cover up the events that occurred on their honeymoon in Venice.

Research material includes Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman, but – as with many kinks – you can’t just stroll around crushing buildings and banging on bridges all day.

’ There’s not really much more I can add to this fairly popular fetish.

‘Hi, I want to call you, but my wife’s asleep so I can’t say anything. Call me paranoid, but anyone can record a phone call with the right app and re-listen when their heart desires (or send it out for £££ of their own). Unless you find a way to litter your sexy verbiage with flashes of stolen phraseology, of course – in which case you still get paid, but leave the listener wondering whether they really have just been delivered a lyric from The Littlest Hobo.

Obviously, phone sex doesn’t have to be so extreme.

In much the same way, I never fancied acting older than myself either.

As someone bought up within the am dram community and A-level drama, the ‘Mature Matriarch’ in me bore too much of a resemblance to Mrs Overall.

Before you jump to conclusions, this isn’t necessarily in the ‘weird and creepy’ wheelhouse, it can be a fulfilling ‘Daddy-Dom’ type relationship; one person takes control and acts the stern patriarch while their partner happily brings out their young, playful, cheeky self.

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