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Then he’s going to get some what butt hurt about the situation. He’s going to take it well..perfectly fine that he isn’t our bias because you are in fact dating him and not your bias so. ” The questions go on and on till you admit defeat and tell him that he’s your new bias. He’s going to say ow now but forget about it right after.He’s not really worrying about not being your bias. He’s going to let you tell him why he isn’t your bias and why the other member is and just let it go. Okay, that’s fine.” Woozi: This small evil child is going to guilt trip you till you say he’s your bias.SEE ALSO: Seventeen answer fan questions for 'Ask in a Box'!

Could you imagine having your letter of recommendation written by Michelle Obama?

She's also going to be starring in , "I love history, and activism is so engraved in history.

( ̄ー ̄)I’m actually pretty happy with how my schedule turned out this year!

I don’t have to walk around tht much(´ヮ`) But um ah yes please don’t forget that school is starting in two days! All Credit goes to the original makers, thank you!!

“ Ah it’s okay~ Why do you have him as your bias anyways? Well not necessarily guilt trip you but he’s just going to do a couple of the things that you like about him at once to just swoo your heart.

He says weird things in his sleep..” Jun: Nope, nope, nope, NOPE. ” Hoshi: He’s totally only a little bit offended, and by a little I mean very offended. For example: do the cutest possible aegyo, serenade you, give you cute smooches on the cheek, give you a bunch of hugs, and more small kiss on your face. Me right”DK: He going to act like he’s fine with it while your still standing there but now that he knows who your real bias is, he’s going to give them a hard hard time.

He’s not okay with this because one he thinks he’s should be your bias, and two now he has to get you back by spending a bunch of time with one of the members to make you jealous. He’s just going to ask you a bunch of questions and compare himself to that member! Like during practice he’s going to joke around with them a lot more and just overall give them a hard time till that member comes to you and complains.

“ Aish, I can’t believe he came whiny to you, I didn’t do anything Jagi!

So much had to have happened for me — and everybody — to come into this world." She's right — she cites the women's movement, the immigration movement as particularly influential examples in her life.


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