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Získáváš okamžitý přístup k 4 až 5 násobků DALŠÍCH singles, které si můžeš prohlédnout ze svého okolí.

Stále budeš využívat to stejné uživatelské jméno / heslo; jedinou změnou je, že se od teď budeš přihlašovat na Jednoduše klikni níže a navštiv, připoj se a začni se seznamovat!

It is an integral part of marriage, reserved for marriage only (Gen. In addition to being monogamous, marriage, as instituted by God, is a heterosexual relationship (Matt. Partnership in Marriage -Unity in marriage is achieved by mutual respect and love. The spirit that Christ manifests toward the church is the spirit that husband and wife are to manifest toward each other."- , vol. Because divorce occurred as part of the fallen human experience, biblical legislation was given to limit the damage it caused (Deut. The Bible consistently seeks to elevate marriage and to discourage divorce by describing the joys of married love and faithfulness (Prov. ; 4:9-5:1), by referring to the marriage-like relationship of God with His people (Isa. 3:1), by focusing on the possibilities of forgiveness and marital renewal (Hosea 3:1-3), and by indicating God's abhorrence of divorce and the misery it causes (Mal. Jesus restored the creation view of marriage as a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman and between the couple and God (Matt. Much biblical instruction affirms marriage and seeks to correct problems which tend to weaken or destroy the foundation of marriage (Eph. God also accepts the repentance of individuals who commit the most destructive sins, even those that carry with them irreparable consequences (2 Sam. ) as well as abandonment by an unbelieving partner (1 Cor. Biblical Teachings on Remarriage There is no direct teaching in Scripture regarding remarriage after divorce.

Such marriages, although practiced in Old Testament times, are not in harmony with the divine design. Scripture acknowledges that tragic circumstances can destroy marriage.

When a couple's marriage is in danger of breaking down, every effort should be made by the partners and those in the church or family who minister to them to bring about their reconciliation in harmony with divine principles for restoring wounded relationships (Hosea 3:1-3; 1 Cor. These resources include: (1) programs of orientation for couples engaged to be married, (2) programs of instruction for married couples with their families, and (3) programs of support for broken families and divorced individuals.

Pastoral support is vital in the area of instruction and orientation in the case of marriage, and healing and restoration in the case of divorce.

It is the spirit of Christ to love and accept, to seek to affirm and build others up, rather than to abuse or demean them (Rom. Marriages involving more than one spouse are also an expression of the effects of sin on the institution of marriage. When these principles are violated, the marriage is endangered.

Wherever sin reigns, its sad effects on marriage include alienation, desertion, unfaithfulness, neglect, abuse, violence, separation, divorce, domination of one partner by the other, and sexual perversion.Though marriage was first performed by God alone, it is recognized that people now live under civil governments on this earth; therefore, marriage has both a divine and a civil aspect.The divine aspect is governed by the laws of God, the civil by the laws of the state.Thus was marriage instituted-God the author of the institution, God the officiator at the first marriage.After the Lord had revealed to Adam that Eve was verily bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh, there could never arise a doubt in his mind that they twain were one flesh.Přenesením svého členství na, jsme schopni nabídnout všem našim členům, včetně tebe, mnohem uspokojivější zážitek.


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