Texchat - Senior dating relationships

The best thing to do is show you support her but also are just worried.It would also be a good idea to meet him, just to make sure he is a responsible young man.

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You may find that he is not at all what you thought and he is far less likely to do something "wrong" if he knows who you are, and what your expectations of him as a friend of your daughter.

Set aside some time one day to discuss it with her, but keep in mind: she's not in trouble; you are just concerned about what may happen.

Forbidding it is an act of challenging her to push the envelope on what you will accept.

Spend time getting to know him and see how they interact.

The best thing you can do in this situation is show support.

If you foster that strong relationship with your daughter she will value your opinions.

Share your concerns with your daughter and pay attention to you intuition if you feel something wrong is happening and always make sure that your daughter knows she can come to you to talk about anything with no judgement. Get to know him and figure out their feelings for each other.

My mom was uncomfortable with my boyfriend who is 4 years older.

My parents had a sit down talk with both of us when we first started dating and there expectations If he came over we had to stay in the living room.

He can learn about your family and I think that creates a better open line of communication. My family didn't seem comfortable at first then they met him. We have now been together five years and married for a year and a half.

This way, she won't be so afraid to come to you if the need arises.

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