Sedating dogs nail clipping

In BIRDS, however, nail clipping may be problematic if one or more of the nails starts to bleed.During nail clipping in any species, one or more of the nails may bleed. == 'undefined') (function($, win, undef) {var reorder, reorder Timer;if (!

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Blood loss from a nail represents a much greater percentage of the bird's total blood volume hence, the risk of developing anaemia is far greater.

If a nail starts to bleed as a result of nail clipping then firm pressure needs to be applied to the tip of the nail.

The reasons for this include: - black or dark nails where the quick of the nail is impossible to visualise - very wriggly pets where it is difficult to maintain enough stillness of the paw for the nail clipper to cut in a precise position along the nail - pets with very long nail quicks (in these pets, the nails appear very long but the nail quik within the nail is almost equally as long as the nail) - ingrown nails that have penetrated into the footpad making it difficult to get a precise position of the nail clipper along the nail - in highly anxious pets, even a small nick of the nail quick can cause bleeding due to the pet's increased blood pressure from anxiety Bleeding nails in birds have the potential to be life-threatening, if left untreated.

Excessive blood loss from a bleeding nail in a bird will cause anaemia and possible death if the bleeding is not stopped.

Working and herding breeds of dogs are active and generally have compact feet with well arched toes that angle the toenails downward towards the ground.

If these dogs are active on hard surfaces such as gravel, rock and concrete, their nails may not need trimming until they slow down with age and exercise less.If in doubt, simply ask our nurses or vets to check the length for you and advise if nail clipping is necessary for your pet.The risks associated with nail clipping are minimal or virtually non-existent in dogs, cats and rabbits.The fee for a simple, uncomplicated nail clip is (this does not include a consultation).If your pet's nails are very ingrown and infection is present then a proper consultation will be required so the vet may dispense appropriate treatment(s).The requirement for nail trimming varies depending on breed, age, level of exercise and the environment in which a pet is kept.


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