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** Everything will be secret between us** So don't worry at all just shoot a message and this tiger will hunt your problems down with you !

But the important thing is to adapt to things, accept the change, trying to fight, move on with nature, with the flow and time. You might be lonely but tiger's got your back now, as a friend as anyone and we don't need labels we have special relation!!

High above the valley forests bordering the endless Ligurian mountains, the magnificent mansion, “La Barca,” was built by a squire and the royal attorney at the end of the 18th century.

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16 year old Indian boy living in Dubai I've had a major depressive episode 2 years ago. I love math, coding, football and Hindi/Punjabi songs. Let's compliment each other and complete the criss cross puzzle.

In case you want to talk on other platforms, I'm available on Facebook :) I normally check 7cups around once a day-thus, the late replies, if any.

It plays a complex and contradictory role at the heart of the gambling experience for many of the people that we speak to.

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