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"You think he's got the strongest moral compass, but he's obviously a very damaged guy, so there's a lot of opportunity to do interesting things with the character." Season two, out now, sees Baz leading the brothers as their conflict with Smurf brews. We need to get away from her and start living our lives," Speedman says.

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(Sheen has also discussed his relationship with Silverman on the show.) Bottom line? The list goes on and on: 50 Cent marked the last episode of Chelsea Handler’s late-night talk show with a musical performance, the first time the two had seen each other since they broke off their months-long relationship in 2011.

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I’m a big fan of these movies when they’re done well, but you know, it’s not something I seek out.

It comes along at the time, it’s not something I step away and think, “Geez, let’s do another scary movie.” It’s just sort of what comes along at the time, and if it seems like something worth doing, I’ll definitely jump at the chance.

Today, nearly two decades after his debut as Ben Covington in the college drama .

A youthful-looking 41, Speedman is at the top of his game playing a complicated and not-always-likable character—a welcome challenge for an actor who just might be the most likable guy in Hollywood.

''The duo also left the event together, but another source told E! The insider insisted: ''[They] have been friends for a long time.'''October Gale' hunk Scott previously dated his 'The Last Resort' co-star Camille De Pazzis, but split from her earlier this year.

He was also linked to his former co-star Keri Russell in the past.'Saturday Night Live' star Kristen, who was previously married to actor Hayes Hargrove between 20, sparked rumors she had reunited with Fabrizio last November when they were spotted cozying up to one another at a New York Knicks basketball game, after splitting in July 2013.

Movies were an escape—he could take his mind off the pool and relax—and they still are.

When the lights dim, it sparks in Speedman the kind of excitement he felt as a teenager—the same excitement that propelled him into an unlikely acting career.

Baz, the oldest son, is also the most complex: He's complicit in the family's crimes, but he also has a wife and daughter that provide him with moral grounding.

He's also not related to the family by blood, which means he's "on the outside looking in," as Speedman says, just like viewers.

So how is Keri Russell’s other man doing these days? So, you know, I’m a big fan of movies like “The Orphanage” and things like that.


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