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Together, the right seat and harness can greatly improve your driving experience and, more importantly, keep you safe.

Unfortunately, picking the “right” seats and harnesses can be a bit confusing.

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If you make a habit of cornering hard, whether it be on the track or on the street, they are unlikely to hold you in place.

You’ll have to resort to holding yourself still by force, or else slip and slide across your seat.

There are limitless options available, and for the average enthusiast they can be overwhelming. We’ve written this guide to help navigate you through the process of choosing a seat and harness setup.

Just follow the guide step by step, and you’ll be cradled in the comfort and security of the perfect setup in no time!

No, I’m not talking about finding your calling in life.

I’m talking about something even more important: deciding what your car will be used for.

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