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I lip-synced in front of the mirror when I was little." At seven, they begin piano lessons and eventually add guitar into the mix, but don't start writing songs until they're 15.They are in the school choir but shy, never soloists.I used to dress up as a clown to entertain my family when they were sad. I remember having a lot of anxiety at night after my dad left.

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According to a 2011 Q&A on their site, Tegan says their parents separate when they are four and divorce within the following two years.

They see their father on weekends, and maintain a close relationship with both, but there's still some complicated fallout.

Shaun has left the band and left Tegan and Sara hanging before The Con Tour. This contradiction between their personalities and the complex relationship they had made them who they are today, shaped their music into a form of inner monologue between two people trying to reach each other despite the difficulties surrounding them.

Sara strove to deliver her feelings through metaphors, her love through images, her emotions through melodies; meanwhile Tegan was the braver one - her words honest, her emotions clear, her feelings never hidden.

"I think Sara showed signs of anxiety in more extroverted ways, like asthma and hypochondria, after the divorce," Tegan writes. I'm glad they made us, but living apart was best for us all.

"I was very extroverted with my anxiety as well but it came as a need to please everyone. I believe divorce is normal and just part of what happens when two people fall out of love. That being said, when you're 4 it feels very personal and very life-shattering.

For 36 years, Tegan and Sara Quin have shared a face and a voice.

They are two wholes but also two halves — a seemingly impossible math riddle to navigate and negotiate as people, sisters, musicians and business partners. It's a long ways from being scrappy, 15-year-old Calgary punks, but after more than 20 years perfecting their songwriting and strategic building, near blow-ups and brilliant risk-taking, Tegan and Sara have crafted the all-too-rare third (but by no means final) act: mainstream pop stardom.

), the band’s moniker has surpassed being their names and become a well-known entity for quality pop songs.


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