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Agreeable individuals value getting along with others.

They are generally considerate, kind, generous, trusting and trustworthy, helpful, and willing to compromise their interests with others.

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Each of the Big Five personality traits contains two separate, but correlated, aspects reflecting a level of personality below the broad domains but above the many facet scales that are also part of the Big Five.

The aspects are labeled as follows: Volatility and Withdrawal for Neuroticism; Enthusiasm and Assertiveness for Extraversion; Intellect and Openness for Openness/Intellect; Industriousness and Orderliness for Conscientiousness; and Compassion and Politeness for Agreeableness.

Their lack of social involvement should not be interpreted as shyness or depression; instead they are more independent of their social world than extraverts.

Introverts need less stimulation than extraverts and more time alone.

That these factors can be found is consistent with the lexical hypothesis: first of all those personality characteristics that are most important in peoples' lives will eventually become a part of their language; secondly that more important personality characteristics are more likely to be encoded into language as a single word.

Five factors People who don't exhibit a clear tendency towards specific characteristics chosen from the above-mentioned related pairs in all five dimensions are [considered] adaptable, moderate and reasonable personalities, but can be perceived as unprincipled, inscrutable and calculating.

It is related to the way in which people control, regulate, and direct their impulses.

High scores on conscientiousness indicate a preference for planned rather than spontaneous behavior.

Introverts have lower social engagement and energy levels than extraverts.

They tend to seem quiet, low-key, deliberate, and less involved in the social world.

This does not mean that they are unfriendly or antisocial; rather, they are reserved in social situations.


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