Salsa dating

Got a film project that is missing a key collaborator?

Young Filmmakers Glasgow invite all filmmakers to network with a - quite literal - twist!

I have put as much information as possible, that I can release, on this page, , many thanks x Please Email Info Inc Age, sex, hobbies, occupation, personality, what you like & are looking for in a partner, as I like to personalize the events with similar age groups/backgrounds. "Warning - I've heard complaints re 'Jersey Dating Detective in Guernsey' - although I was asked to appear in The Guernsey Press for Jersey Dating Detective in Guernsey, please note Jersey Dating Detective has had 'NO Contact' whatsoever with me since.

Tonight, we host this event in the beautiful outdoors on top of one of DC's hottest clubs.

PLUS, we combine this event with a post Salsa dance class, in which you rotate with new dance partners during the lesson.

(1) 4 MINUTE DATING Experience a dozen first dates in one evening as you join other single young professionals for a chance to find romance in TTD’s speed dating - and this time, even if you do not get a match, we have arranged for you to pass special messages to that special someone you may see across the room!

Here’s how it works: Each attendee is given a name tag with a TTD number on it as well as an index card on which they print their name, TTD number, and email address.

I also offer a variety of other ways to improve well being.

I frequently run Guernsey Well Being Info Stalls, with a wide array of Energetix Magnetic Jewellery, Forever Living Products which include beauty, feel good, energizing and weight loss options including delicious Aloe Slimming Shakes, Bars, Cookies Reiki Healing and Guernsey EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) Therapist.

(Well not quite but you get the idea.) The lessons are given in both Dutch and English making it accessible to expats whose Dutch lessons might not have covered the finer points of structured dance classes.

There’s something delightfully liberating, and sexy about grabbing a member of the opposite sex and moving in tandem to pulsating salsa music There are lots of Salsa dancing classes in Amsterdam, and the Shallow Man is certainly not qualified to make a comparison, between them all, but if you fancy trying out a class then throughout February Swing Latino are offering free try out lessons.

Never being one to back down from a challenge, I went along with a friend to Swing Latino and had a tryout lesson and tentatively even attempted a routine or two.

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