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In my nearly 20 years experience as a Russian living in the West, I have found that almost all my fellows can be reduced to five basic types: 1) The White Russian; 2) The Sovok Jew; 3) The Egghead Emigre; 4) Natasha Gold-Digger; 5) Putin’s Expat.

My background and qualifications to write on this topic? Much of the Russian community in the Bay Area (though not Sacramento!

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The White Russians (or “White emigres”) are the officers, officials, and intellectuals who fled their country after the Russian Revolution.

Prominent examples included Zworykin (TV), Sikorsky (helicopters), and Nabokov (writer).

And yet, Morozovskiy says his political passions do not get in the way of his personal relationships here.

READ: US, Europe Announce Sanctions After Crimea Votes to Join Russia “I go to church with people from Russia, so we’re okay.

Other Ukrainian-Americans here are genuinely afraid for their families who haven’t made it to America.

“My wife’s sister lives in Crimea and her brother lives in like mainland Ukraine, and you never know if they’re going to see each other again,” Nicolai Morozovsky said.

“We have Russian customers, we have Ukrainian, we have American,” she said. Korotkov says even his most passionate radio listeners respect one another and agree to disagree.

You can listen to rebroadcasts Afisha radio’s local talk programs online at

A few kvas patriots go well beyond the call of duty to their Motherland, “telling it like it is on Trans-Dniester” and exposing “court appointed Russia friendlys.” *** Arrived in: 1970’s-early 1990’s Culturally related to: The early wave of Jewish emigration from Tsarist Russia, which included Ayn Rand.

Social origins: Normal Jewish families, with smattering of colorful dissidents and black marketeers/organized crime; also many pretend Jews.

My dad is an academic who moved to the UK with his family in 1994, i.e. ) are in fact Russian Jews, who are culturally distinct from Russians, albeit the boundaries are blurred and there’s lots of intermingling though Russian cultural events.


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