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Gypsy girls and young girls from Catalan schools and institutes united in their dream of successfully completing their studies.

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It was in the following year, when during the celebration of the meeting in Badalona the girls and Roma women asked our entity to support an encounter in their neighbourhood, as they felt isolated and alone in their neighbourhood.

Thus, since 2001, 17 Catalan Roma Student Meetings have been held: L’Hospitalet (Barcelona, ​​2000); the neighborhood Besós (Barcelona, ​​March 2003), Terrassa (November, 2004), Viladecans (November, 2005), Montcada (2005); the neighborhood of Gràcia (Barcelona, ​​May 2006); La Mina (Barcelona, ​​November 2006), Lleida (January, 2007); Sant Roc (Barcelona, ​​2007); Sant Cosme, the Prat de Llobregat (January 2009); Reus (June 2009); Badia del Vallés (October 2011); the Bon Pastor neighborhood (Barcelona, ​​October 2012); Campclar (Tarragona, June 2013); Figueres (Girona, October 2014); Terrasa (November 2015).

A sharing of best practices will underpin the work of the II International Congress.

On November 30, 2001, we organized the workshop “Roma Women of Barcelona of the XXI century” in which the more than 70 people who participated were guided by a common interest: to work so that the voices of Roma women were heard and taken into account in the different spaces such as education, labor market, health and social participation.

As part of the official curriculum, sessions are held throughout the sessions on Roma history and culture, as well as other issues related to the prevention of violence in educational settings.

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Our association offers the necessary resources and accompany the women so that they can successfully face official evaluations, even though most have never written anything similar to an academic work or piece of writing.

In this process it is key the individualized monitoring that we carry out and the accompaniment by volunteers and volunteers of our association that help them to address their concerns, solve any matters arising, as well address any technical doubts during the writing of the final report.

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