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beast, award-winning country artist Jake Owen will also take the stage on Saturday, November 11 in a bonus performance included in that evening’s PBR Global Cup showdown. 1 singles to date including the two-time platinum anthem “Barefoot Blue Jean Night.

My grandparents owned two chestnut horses, Dixie and Junior, for over 30 years, and I loved visiting them in the stables.

Some of the top cities for Farmers Match users include New York and Los Angeles, which may seem strange for a dating app that focuses on rural living.

Those who had a background in ag, however, saw the potential in the idea Ma presented.“They understand how difficult it would be for country singles to meet new people,” Ma explained.

So in May 2016, five months after he discovered the need, Ma launched Farmers Match on the Apple Store.

An 18-year-old Farmers Match user who goes by the user name ‘Mattea’ on the app said she felt she had better connections with people on Farmers Match as opposed to other dating sites.“I definitely have more in common with people on this app versus others,” she said after a month of using the app.

Mattea grew up with horses in California and has been involved with rodeo for five years.

The app also has a 51-49 female to male ratio, implying there is a match for nearly every person, at least based on the numbers.

Ma also said the app attracts people looking for real relationships.“People on our app are less interested in casual stuff,” Ma said.

She calls herself “country and rodeo through and through,” and said this is what led her to start using Farmers Match.

While meeting people in person has been difficult because of the traveling she does, Mattea has talked to over a dozen people via the app.“I had connections relatively quickly,” Mattea said.

In March 2017, he also released an Android version of the app.


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