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The state has approximately 38 years of landfill capacity currently permitted.

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A bottom-to-top statewide school facilities review revealed that 66% of schools showed signs of damage and wear, as well as environmental needs such as HVAC, roof, and electrical issues.

Recent energy conservation efforts have begun to curb some energy costs.

Montana has over 2,000 school buildings that 144,129 students attend. 40% of Montana’s schools have fewer than 50 students, and others range from remote, one-room schoolhouses to larger community schools stretched to capacity.

A 2008 assessment reported that $903M was needed to bring all Montana facilities to good condition.

Currently, the funding available for dam maintenance and rehabilitation is not adequate to continue to ensure dam safety.

Montana has over 5,300 miles of water distribution and transmission piping, a longer stretch than driving roundtrip from Billings to Miami.Overall, dams designated high hazard are in significantly better condition than dams designated low hazard, as they are inspected and routinely maintained.Montana’s Dam Safety Program is allocating the limited resources available to the dams that would have the greatest impact on public safety, but as all dams continue to age, the unknown risk and need for maintenance and rehabilitation will continue to increase.There is strong support for government facilities, but this is offset with the challenges of non-government facilities that have limited funding resources and a lack of assistance for facility operation.As Montana’s irrigation systems continue to age and deteriorate, maintenance and repair demands increase, and operators should act now to better address these looming concerns.In 2011, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality identified an immediate water system financial need of 5 million.

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