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With this somber turn of events, Ashalyn’s column continued with some helpful tips on backcountry safety: “Yes, I believe in miracles, but while you’re waiting for one to occur, you’ve got to remain safe and prepared for the existing conditions around you, if at all possible.” Out the window of the diner, Shasta loomed inquisitively over our omelettes and breakfast conversation. “As a metaphysical healer, reader, channel and teacher, I’ve learned to receive messages from a variety of sentient beings,” she claims, “the most recent being the sentience of a large root beer colored Andara crystal.” If you are interested in intuitive awakening training, shamanic hypnotherapy sessions, or what any self-aware root beer crystal has to say, then Ashalyn is definitely your gal.

While the mountain is renowned for the peculiarities of New Age spirituality in general, it is the Lemurians to whom the mysteries of Mount Shasta owe most of their merit.

“Let me put it this way,” he said, “There are more crystal shops than bars.” Mount Shasta is a focal point of New Age spirituality.

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They believed the mountain stood at the dawn of time at the center of creation.

This too ranks as a poorly kept secret, if only because it’s a little obvious.

These Lemurians who live in California are aware of the fate of their ancestors, and each night at midnight they perform a ritual of thanksgiving and adoration to ‘Gautama’, the Lemurian name for America.

But interestingly, the term “Lemuria” itself is not of Lemurian origin.

The least well-kept of these secrets is that Shasta harbors all-time classic ski descents. I’m not sure who maintains the standards for these things, but perfect springtime corn snow and 7,000 feet of skiable vertical on a 14,000 foot volcano probably have something to do with it.

Also no secret is the mountain’s namesake, the Shasta Indians, who were among the first to lay any spiritual claim to the place.

To my surprise, I learned that the arrivals of New Age worshipers have brought conflict to the mountain along with their crystals.

As visitors, we are never as low-impact as we would like to think we are.

Sipping black coffee, I thumbed through the Mountain Spirit Chronicles with my friend, Chrix.

The publication is produced by the proprietor of a local tour company, Shasta Vortex Adventures.

Wouldn’t you be more surprised if this massive monolith formed by the Great Spirit pushing ice and snow through a hole in heaven to create a stepping stone down to this world?

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