Quotes about your friend dating your ex

Source: Shutter Stock You don't need to go out there and blow hundreds of dollars on a complete makeover, but you should buy something new that makes you feel confident and good about yourself.

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Just make sure you're flirting with guys you actually want to flirt with and not guys like your ex's friends just to get his attention (remember what I said before? Don't go out of your way to make him notice - but if he does, you KNOW he'll feel super jealous.

Source: Shutter Stock ignore your ex if you ever run into him... Saying hello and acting polite will show your ex that you're totally over him (even if you're really not).

Plus, dating someone new just to make your ex feel like crap is kind of lame.

Instead, make new friends - guys and girls if you want - and post pictures of you guys having fun on social media sites.

That being said, I can totally understand the urge to want to make your ex jealous – and I can totally help you out with that.

It’s natural to want to make your ex feel a (giant) twinge of regret after you two break up, especially if he’s the one who dumped you.Or maybe you’ve just gone through a break up and you are wondering how you can get over your ex?Or asking yourself should I and can I get my ex back?We’re talking about a serious medical procedure that changes your body forever.This is definitely not something you should resort to in order to try to make an ex jealous.I read a crazy post on the Daily Mail today (no surprise there! If you want to have plastic surgery for your own reasons, go for it. What I’m against is girls getting plastic surgery just to try to impress someone else or, in this case, make someone else jealous.

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