Qatar granny dating

You have probably heard of wedding commotions, when a kid surfaces during the ceremony and declares the innocent-looking Wangeci (the bride) is the mother, much to the amazement of the groom. I’m a flight attendant Ann Kwamboka had to hide her status as a mother last year to secure a job with an airline.

Or worse still, a man travels all the way to Keroka in Kisii to pay bride price, only to be shocked that his ka-sweetie Nyaboke is actually a mother of five! “Some of the terms of getting the job included not having a family.

Each time they look at the child, they get worked up.

They consider the child a manifestation of their mistakes.

Worse still is if the young ka-guy walked in his mother’s footsteps and has already ‘broken the leg of somebody’s goat.’ This means the woman looking to be hitched is already a granny...a status that is anything but sexy for a man. Baby son issues Most men are apprehensive over marrying women with boys due to that not so small matter of inheritance.

No man wants his kids to be embroiled in a paternity suit drama, probably after observing the ‘out-of-place’ ears and nose of that sibling ‘who came with the mother.’ And God forbid if some deadbeat dad of yesteryear decides to lay claim to the son he abandoned ages ago, because the boy is now well off and the new dad is wealthy to niokolea.

Women with sons are thus likely to keep them under wraps, unless they’re cock sure a man has no qualms taking home kuku na vifaranga.

Not surprisingly, these boys are always left with their grandmothers in the village. Embarrassment over disability Some mothers have had and continue to have negative attitudes towards their children if they suffer certain disabilities.

” every time she is bombarded with a “where is the daddy? *Anita Wekesa, a hairdresser at Kenyatta Market is a good example.

Anita grew up in Bungoma with her grandmother because her mother could not cater for all her siblings.

Vincent Harrison, Dublin Airport Managing Director stated that he was delighted that Qatar Airways will be launching its Dublin to Doha service next year.

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