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Ask a Portlandian, however, and they'll be the first to tell you that Rip City is also home to a burgeoning hip-hop scene and has been for quite a while. cities, rap shows and rappers in Portland have long faced intense police scrutiny and concert shutdowns due to negative press and stereotypes about a black art form in a city that is 76.1% white.

Yes, buried beneath soft, pained murmurings over guitar, pop-punk anthems and overly concerned farm-to-table patrons, lies a hip-hop scene that is stronger than it has ever been. Gentrification is also brutal in Portland and has effectively displaced countless artists and threatened their livelihoods.

Aminé’s also actively putting on for his Portland peers, grabbing both The Last Artful, Dodgr (one name) and Bloss0m for his national TV performance debut on .

While the momentum behind Portland hip-hop doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, more external attention must be captured before rap is as essential to the city as guitar playing poet virtuosos or its NBA players dating older bookshop owners.

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compilation and zine with Cat Brooks, co-founder of the Anti Police-Terror Project.

She speaks at length with us about organizing alternatives to state policing. To Rape Culture collective about marginalized people collectively organizing against rape and other forms of oppression.

Ex-VELVET UNDERGROUND member Willie “Loco” Alexander spills all about his 50-plus-year-long “so-called career” from his early garage rock years to his modern recordings.

WRONG – Baby Stimmin DAVID NANCE – Manager Special HEAVY METAL – Fight Death Not the Dead MARAUDEUR – Strange Afternoon at the Swimming Pool NOTS – Cruel Friend Endtime Sounds ANNE CLARK – Self-Destruct WARSAW – Iceage URINALS – Last Days of Man on Earth GG KING – Another Dimension Layla’s HC Evolution LIMPWRIST – Facades LIQUIDS – Blinding Hash THE BUG – Brother REPTOIDES – Reptoides II FRIED E. – Coping The Company Store g Sp – I’m Supposed to be Alone SCRAP BRAIN – BPD RIÑA – Borracho XYLITOL – Bisquick SBSM – Work Garage Interlude SAY LA VEES – Too Far Gone SITES & SOUNDS – Nite Is So Dark Outro song: ELECTRIC EELS – Accident Anti Police-Terror Project, Portland, OR’s No!

To Rape Culture collective, the VELVET UNDERGROUND’s Willie “Loco” Alexander, Alabama punk history part 2, Russia’s STRESSHOLD, GRIT from Ireland, Norway’s NEGATIV, photos from Toronto’s Not Dead Yet fest, Fred “Freak” Smith of BEEFEATER obit, plus, from the Sheffield, England scene: Kids of the Lughole label, COMMUNITY, a scene report, and Noise Annoys fest photo spread.

Compare his 2016 dark conceptual album that is due out this fall, Thomas will focus on his resurgence from the depression that inspired his first LP.

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