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Then their mother wraps them up in a huge fluffy towel that smells like soap and Scott shakes his head free of the excess water like a dog caught with the garden hose while their mother vigorously rubs them dry. Their friendship, the definition of youthful ignorance, lasted a grand three days with its highpoint being when Scott first discovered that Jackson had a trampoline in his backyard.Years later, now fully aware of his multiplication tables, Scott definitely isn’t up for taking baths with Derek anymore.--Worse than anything else, even his annoying habits of putting the milk in the bowl before the cereal or never letting Scott so much as breathe on his share of the toys, Derek is a huge killjoy. Scott can’t explain it, because his mother swears that it’s the same mattress. He remembers jumping high enough to touch the clouds and feeling them tickle his cheeks, the feeling of flopping onto his stomach and bouncing back up like a popcorn kernel dancing around a skillet, and the way it made his legs feel when the hops that would normally propel him two feet into the air skyrocketed him at least five.

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Pros and cons of dating your best friend

“Friends can often feel betrayed if we maintain a relationship with (or date! They might also worry that their ex will tell you private things about them and may feel a bit defensive around that,” says Isiah Mc Kimmie, sex and relationship expert.

But if you’re developing genuine feelings for him and would like to move into dating territory, it’s time to think with your head and not your heart for at least a second or two.

: D Scott’s pretty sure that the only time that he and his brother ever get along is when they’re forced to bathe together as little tots and, under a wordless agreement to not flick shampoo in each other’s eyes, cohabit the bathtub with little to no fussing or screeching.

It is something of a miracle even back then and never lasts more than thirty minutes of lukewarm peace among the suds.

I still have a few more ideas on what to add to this series and I hope it won't take nearly as many months as this one did.

I still really love the whole Scott/Derek as brothers dynamic and am excited to continue it.He’s only six years old and Scott is easily impressed.“Are you sure your brother doesn’t mind us being in here? Of course Derek would mind, because Derek’s a wet blanket who would probably read the dictionary for fun rather than act like an actual twelve-year-old.And then Scott popped Jackson’s basketball on pure accident and their friendship rapidly disintegrated.Scott loves that feeling of hopping to the sky—he’s pretty sure that’s how astronauts feel during every launch—and he’s wanted to recreate it ever since he was introduced to Jackson’s yard.Remember, not everyone will be happy with your choice – even if your friend is, so commit to the decision you’ve made and be prepared for all kinds of reactions.

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