Pros and cons of christian dating No email slo hookup

And since Paul also warns us at 1 Corinthians : “let him that thinks he is standing beware that he does not fall,” it is apparent that we can deceive ourselves into thinking we are in control of a situation only to suddenly lose all balance.So, in the final analysis, it would be beneficial to first determine why a person wants to date and then seriously consider what can happen to the heart and the body while on these many dates.Folks ask us: “What are some Christian dating site pros?

But if dating is simply for recreational purposes, the con is that they are repeatedly putting themselves in a dangerous situation – one which can, and often does, lead to fornication – a thing condemned for Christians.

At 1 Corinthians , the apostle Paul commands us to “flee from fornication.” Note, he doesn’t say avoid it – he says run from it.

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For Christians, there are a few pros and many cons. Note “attracted to each other.” Since there is an attraction from the beginning (else why would they want to date), it is reasonable to conclude that at some point they will want to be alone.

The first boon in Christian dating site use occurred in the USA in the mid 1990s, and has since spread to Australia, Asia, Russia, the UK and rest of the European Union.

Presently, Europe and Asia are experiencing the great expansion of Christian dating site growth.However, like most everything else in life, becoming a member of a Christian dating site has its pros and cons.Christian Dating Site Use Expands The Dating Pool Don’t laugh, but one person I know compares going to a Christian dating site to taking a trip to Haagen-Daz or Baskin Robbins: You have your choice of almost any flavor you wish. Seriously, though, due to the large number of single women and men using Eharmony and other Christian dating sites, a single Christian has a much larger number of potential dates and mates from which to make a choice.A couple attracted to each other will eventually – if not initially – become sexually attracted to each other. Particularly when their emotions begin to drive their actions?Then emotions – strong in humans – will come into play. The sexual desire will neither disappear nor diminish. If they are desirous of finding a marriage mate, if they are desirous of getting married, I agree that dating is one of the pros since it will help to determine if marriage to each other is a viable, desirable option.Okay, we’re not in Colonial America, and I may be a romantic idealist, but communicating through an online Christian dating site can help singles experience a little of this magic.

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