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Before you moving on – and this is especially important if you’re later going to be transferring Playlists, Song Ratings, etc.-make sure i Tunes is keeping your Library organized. But, just in case you have music files strewn all around your hard drive, these steps will help make things go much more smoothly when you are transferring other library data such as Song Ratings and Playlists.If you don’t feel like messing with XML files, are a Windows user, and don’t mind paying a few bucks for software to save some time and frustration, you can buy i Tunes Transfer software, and read Using Software to Transfer i Tunes Playlists.

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This post will help you use the Home Sharing feature in i Tunes 9 to transfer your actual music files to your new computer.

Once you’re done here, you can read about how to transfer the Playlists and Song Ratings by hacking XML, or using software. If you need to upgrade, you can download the latest version of i Tunes here.

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This post is part our multi-post guide on how to Transfer Your i Tunes Music Library to a New Computer.

Fire up Script Editor (which is under Applications/Apple Script, but it will work with Text Edit).

Paste the following code, then save as a Script called /Library/i Tunes/Scripts/(create the Scripts directory if it doesn't already exist).

Like many things in life, there’s more than one way to transfer your Playlists and Song Ratings.

If you’re decently tech-savvy, there’s a free method involving a little XML hacking that we cover in our post, Transfer i Tunes Playlists and Song Ratings.

Some versions of i Tunes (older ones in particular - may affect current ones) can save incorrect ID3v2.4 tags and aren't able to read the correct ones correctly. Use i Tunes built in library organization to change the file names and locations.

This usually affects embedded artwork, or anything with ID3 frames bigger than 32k B. This means you will get the same result as using Picard's "Renaming/Moving Files" capability but without making i Tunes lose track of where all your songs are.

The i Pod doesn't like the Music Brainz tags in the files, so it may pull up the wrong release art on the i Pod.


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